1. The Online Happy Hour
    Thursday Nights 6-8 pm, CST
    The Sarcastic King of Inquisitive Questions is a growing sensation and now a staple on the World Wide Web. Each week join host Andy Brown and his group of special guests for pure real entertaining and enlightening topics that will always intrigue. The show allows people to truly get an outside perspective on the inside of someones life.
  2. Old School Music Session
    Weekdays 10 - noon (CST)
    Get your Mid Day morning mix of the yesterdays hot tracks. From Hip Hop to Rock, boogie down with the sounds that got us here.
  3. Pillow Talk
    Wednesday nights, 10 p.m. - Midnight, CST
    Late night conversation to get you in the mood and inform you about the sexual, sensual, and safe tricks and toys for your bedroom pleasure.
  4. What's Good (News You Can Use)
    Weekdays 3 - 4 p.m. CST
    Broadcasting and giving coverage of the top stories involving our community and yours. Don't miss out on what's good in your neighborhood.
  5. The REAL
    Fridays 4pm, CST
    Host China Doll & Co-Host Shar Hyter provide knowledge in their own unique funny way, while discussing the topics of the day. "THE REAL" brings special guest on the show who let their celebrity professional and personal opinion's flow. "THE REAL" is the only known SYNDICATED Internet talk radio show that's on (5) FIVE different stations (5) FIVE days a week... no matter what your on we're on... go to each station and download each stations mobile app to enjoy "THE REAL" deal of entertainments frills and thrills!
  1. Lifted Hands Gospel Show
    Sundays 8 - 1 pm, CST
    Start your week of right with the angelic sounds of the best in gospel and faith based music. This will keep your spirits and your hands lifted in praise.
  2. The Author's Round Table
    Tuesday nights 6-7 pm, CST
    Whether a first time blogger or best selling author, sit down with host Andy Brown and hear what inspires the creativity of today's top writers.
  3. Teen Summit
    Saturday mornings 9 - 11 am, CST
    Hear from today's teens as they talk about what matters most.